Top 4 Ugliest Nfl Helmets

The Texans don’t typically open their eyes and wake up until they are out of the playoff race and there’s nothing left to play for.

The Miami Dolphins may be one of the most recognizable franchises in sports, but it’s time they updated their helmet. Beyond that, who thought that a mint green, bright orange and white color scheme was appealing?. NFL betting fans know that it doesn’t get much simpler than the Cleveland Browns helmet. It also doesn’t get much uglier. The color looks like a bunch of fans from the Dawg Pound watched their team play, and then puked on the helmets. (See: Jacksonville Jaguars.) But for the Cincinnati Bengals, they somehow ended up with Halloween colors and a helmet that looks better suited for a Whitesnake video than a football field. How about including handcuffs or jail bars on their helmets? That would seem fairly apt given how many of their players have run-ins with the law. Maybe we should give the Bengals a break – losing might be bad enough for them and they won’t be a factor on the Super Bowl odds for a long time.

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Although everyone is focused on the weekly NFL odds, it’s always fun to get away from the hard work of NFL picks and rip into some of the franchises for other reasons than poor play. Yes, we know it’s the Lone Star state, but seeing a one-eyed bull if that’s what it is is a strange look and it reminds us more of how the Texans play rather than a vexing bull. It’s the only helmet in the NFL that shows the logo or team icon wearing another helmet with another logo on it. In this list, we take a bite into the four teams with the four ugliest helmets in the NFL right now:

Cleveland Browns

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have a simple red, white and blue color scheme on their helmets, and while they’re going for the patriotic feel, they end up with the creepy-crawler feel. The new wave of logos is to create something sharp and something mean, and the Fish definitely is lacking. The only thing worse to look at than the Browns’ current helmets is their head coaching lineage since they moved the franchise back into Cleveland.

Cincinnati Bengals

Miami Dolphins

In most cases, the cat logos are the easiest and the sexiest

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