Nba Fantasy Draft Tips That Will Make You A Winner

Numbers are unemotional and they dont play favorites. Do your homework and use the information that you garner to your advantage.

Study the best choices at each position and determine where talent, skill and performance drop off at each spot. Dont make odd or long shot choices in the first four rounds.

Create a list of the top five players youd like to pick in each round. Here are seven tips that will help you in your quest to win your league championship. Reproductions of this article are encouraged but must include a link back to

In your initial picks go with star caliber players who are just about guaranteed to produce throughout the season. Crunch the numbers and do it honestly. Like so many endeavors, so much of these early steps are about preparation.

You must know how your league works. This will help you decide for which position you should first draft.

Continue to check for any developing news up until you start the draft. You should be the same way when preparing for and engaging in your draft.

Look at details such as a players age, tendency towards injury and his commitment to conditioning. Study your choices to determine if youre making the most out of your picks in putting together a Dream Team that will win.. If youre into fantasy basketball, then its important that you understand how to get the most out of your fantasy draft. There may be an injury to a key player that gets reported 15 minutes before youre scheduled to make your picks.

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This article was written by Paul Mroczka and is sponsored by Fantasy Alarm. Talent and skill are important but its a long season and a player in good physical shape who does everything he can to maintain his health is valuable.

Having a successful NBA fantasy team and going deep into the playoffs starts prior to your draft. If youre looking for the fastest alerts and breaking news, expert advice and insider information that can give you the competitive edge in your fantasy sports league, then go to Premium point guards may be 10 deep, while topnotch centers may be done after six picks. In other words, does it give more points to guards who dish off? Maybe it rewards rebounding heavily or has a focus on defense? Every league has its own way of rewarding players for their accomplishments. Is it a head-to-head, points or roto league? How many different scoring categories are there? Get to know your leagues settings because this will help you determine what types of players you should draft and what your mix should be.

Stats, stats, stats: it is all about stats

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