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il dado = the die the die

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Las Vegas Online Entertainment Guide – Complete information about Las Vegas.

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Make your gambling expectations reasonable.

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Euro Palace Casino – User-friendly interface, 500+ games, quality customer service, outstanding promotions.

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This is the gambling information site with lots of resources and useful advice to help you succeed in being a winner, with frequent updates thanks to your helpful feedback. Have you considered listing the halls by city instead of using the name of the hall? Just a suggestion; still the best site I’ve found. If you are not able to walk out of a casino with some money left in your pocket, then you may have a problem. It helped answer a question I could not find the answer to on the lottery website.”

See the “20 Questions” at Gamblers Anonymous addictive gambling info site to assess if you are a compulsive gambler.

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Also, visit Gamble Aware for information on responsible gambling, how gambling works and how to recognise a problem. Easy to read and to the point of each game. This is a sure sign of gambling addiction and you may need help.

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